The all in One Cleaning, Inspection, Restoration and Testing Service on the Central Coast

The all in One Cleaning, Inspection, Restoration and Testing Service on the Central Coast

Often some of the most significant events that occur during our lives are not the nicest we experience. They often happen when we don’t expect them and when we are least prepared. They can require an extensive amount of time and effort along with specialist resources to get your home and contents back to the way they were before disaster struck.

Fires often still occur even when we’ve taken all the necessary precautions. Water damage, potentially from flooding or sewage ingress caused by abnormal weather events or damaged/faulty drainage systems, can have long term and not immediately identifiable consequences to your property and belongings. Flood events catch most of us off-guard and result not only in visible mess but also the significant addition of extra moisture to the directly and indirectly affected sections of the structure.

Knowing what to do and where to begin is vital in achieving the best possible solutions when restoring the damage caused to your home or place of business. Our knowledge and experience along with extensive resources and equipment means we can offer the best advice and service, providing peace of mind and restoring control during difficult circumstances.

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Importance of a Restoration Service

Without the right training, remedial and restorative work can be dangerous and unsuccessful.

Restoration services or biohazard cleaning, you are likely to be unsuccessful if you choose to do it yourself. DIY restoration might lead to more damage as well as not achieving the desired outcome. On the other hand, a restoration company has the right expertise and tools to get the job done properly and in record time. Our certified technicians work according to the ANSI/IICRC Standards and Certifications to properly restore properties affected by biological and chemical contamination.

With all restoration a quick response and turnaround time helps limit the chance of secondary damage and potentially reduces the costs and scope of the processes required to get your home back to its previous state.

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We are a one-stop destination for all restoration services. Are you looking for an expert to handle any of the following restoration services?

What Happens When a Venue Gets a COVID-19 Deep Clean?

What happens when a pub, club or public space must close for a COVID-19 deep clean?

What is done to make sure the space is safe for you to return?

Sam Ruff, Cleaning Inspection Restoration and Testing Services, sits down with both Kia Handley and Anna Moulder from the ABC to discuss what’s involved in a deep clean.

Check out the audio below

What Happens When a Venue Gets a COVID-19 Deep Clean?

What happens when a pub, club or public space must close for a COVID-19 deep clean?

What is done to make sure the space is safe for you to return?

Sam Ruff, Cleaning Inspection Restoration and Testing Services, sits down with Kia Handley from the ABC to discuss what’s involved in a deep clean.

Check out the Audio Below

What Happens When a Venue Gets a COVID-19 Deep Clean?

What happens when a pub, club or public space must close for a COVID-19 deep clean? What is done to make sure the space is safe for you to return? Sam Ruff, Cleaning Inspection Restoration and Testing Services, sits down with Kia Handley from the ABC to discuss what’s involved in a deep clean. Check out the Audio Below.

The Things You Need to Know Before Tackling the Mould Growing at your Home

The rain is causing havoc in many areas of your life, including where mould might be growing. From your walls to the wardrobe, its not what you want, and your first reaction might be to get rid of it ASAP. But there’s some things you need to know.

Sam Ruff, Cleaning Inspection Restoration and Testing Services, talks you through the key things to know about mould and how to best remove it from your place.

What is The Best Way to Get Rid of Mould?

Sam regularly deals with mould as part of his restoration and remediation services within CIRTS. 

Check out the audio below

Forensic Cleaning Central Coast

We clean and sanitise homes, workplaces, and vehicles following a homicide, suicide, industrial accident, and any other trauma. Even as we carry out our work, we are usually keen on demonstrating compassion towards our clients. We may not understand the actual pain and struggles that you may be suffering after painful incidents/accidents, but we are human enough to know that it is not a smooth experience.

As second responders, the primary goal of our crime scene cleaners is to you and your families smooth recovery by taking away the burden of cleaning up and returning to you a spotless, sanitised and safe property.

Forensic cleaning/crime and trauma restoration demand the use of special cleaning agents – not the usual ones used during typical cleanings. For instance, we know that tear gas cleanup can only be performed successfully if the right tools and products are used. In that case, we do everything possible to remediate all the chemicals to deliver a habitable and safe building.

As your forensic cleaning team, we also perform restoration of a home or building where there has been an unattended death. We don’t underestimate the harmful effects of an unattended death or suicide/accident can have on a home. We know that it can negatively interfere with the safety and the general wellbeing of its next occupants, and hence, make it our duty to ensure complete restoration.

Odour Control

There are various sources of odours. Irrespective of the origin, the longer it remains unaddressed, the stronger the smell grows. As time go by, it becomes even harder to mask or remove it. That’s why you needn’t wait for the situation to get out of hand. You need to find a professional to identify where the odour is coming from and then ensure its complete removal.

Cigarette smoke is one of the most common odours in both commercial and residential spaces. Stale cigarette smell remains on furniture, clothing, carpets, and even curtains.

The other type of odour you may have to deal with is the one coming from fire smoke. In spite of extensive cleanup after a fire accident, the strong smell of the smoke lingers on and is capable of making a building inhabitable. The list of these odours is endless.

You already know the discomfort associated with living or working in a space where you cannot breathe fresh air. It’s disgusting and annoying, to say the least. Do not worry, though; you can trust our highly trained and experienced odour control technicians to get you out of that mess. You need not do much. Just give us a call, and we will come to your rescue in record time.

Mould Removal Central Coast

Mould can become a severe problem in homes and commercial buildings. It is known to form and spread in poorly ventilated houses and those with unaddressed leaks. Even if your home or office is ventilated correctly, mould may develop after heavy rain that causes leaking or flooding. While too much humidity may also be a culprit, the only way to determine the cause is via mould inspection activity.

Besides the invasion, which at times can get out of hand, mould can lead to severe health issues, with existing cases of Asthma getting worse. The worst part is that mould spores tend to germinate on any surface they have access to, including walls, shoe racks, and wardrobes. Don’t handle mould infestation alone. Allow our team of experts to perform a mould inspection and then proceed with professional mould removal central coast.

Deceased Estates / Hoarding clean-up

One of the most devastating moments for human beings is when they are dealing with the loss of a loved one. Confusion creeps in, and as much as someone tries to remain strong, it takes a while before someone can overcome the loss.

The situation gets trickier when It’s time to clear out their place of residence. It gives you an extra burden to bear because, in such a case, for you, the deceased estate cleaning activity will demand a significant amount of your time and energy. You are there wondering if there is anything worth recovering amidst all that mess. At the same time, you don’t want to take chances and then end up losing valuables.

All hoarding cleanups are different. Removing rubbish and debris from a hoarding site typically involves a much more thorough and detailed clean compared to a normal house cleaning service. Almost every kind of hoarding cleanup requires a combination of heavy lifting, deep cleaning and sanitising. Because of the extreme nature of this type of service, it’s recommended you hire a professional biohazard cleaning company.

You don’t have to do it alone; neither do you have to leave the task in the hands of people you have difficulty trusting. We understand how emotionally draining this situation would be for someone to go through. We extend to you our pocket-friendly, well-planned, and timely deceased estate cleaning Central Coast service and hoarding cleanup. Give us a call today so that we can deliberate the way forward.

Water Damage Central Coast

Another problem that you may have to deal with is water damage restoration – perhaps after/during heavy rains and floods. When dealing with water damage, the speed at which you respond to the situation determines how it all ends and what you manage to salvage. As experts in water damage restoration, we respond immediately you get in touch with us, armed with advanced equipment and methods to get rid of the water extremely fast.

Illicit Substances Lab Restoration

Also referred to as meth, crank, speed, ice, or crystal, methamphetamine is a potent human made drug that causes severe effects on the central nervous system. Manufacturers create the drug in clandestine labs put up in apartments, houses, vehicles, hotel rooms, and, in some cases, outdoor sites. Once such a lab is discovered, law enforcement shuts it down and then proceeds to remove the chemicals and equipment. In spite of the efforts put by law enforcement, the former clandestine lab might remain contaminated with meth and dangerous chemical residues.

By failing to give your property, a thorough meth lab clean up and decontamination, you will be putting the life of the next occupants at risk. Note that exposure to methamphetamine poses the same health risks as the one meth users face. As such, you shouldn’t enter a clandestine laboratory without the intervention of the law enforcement first, and before experts in methamphetamine inspection have given you the go-ahead.

Next, since you might not know how to clean a drug house, consider seeking professional meth lab clean up services – and that’s why we are here. Our drug house cleaning process is usually extensive and thorough. Our team will begin by methamphetamine inspection to determine the situation’s severity. The next step entails planning and carrying out our decontamination strategy and finally retesting to be sure that your property is contamination free.

Fire Damage Central Coast

The effects of fire can be overwhelming. It leads to loss of property and, at times, lost lives. The situation worsens when the property owner decides to delay or postpone fire restoration. The repairs become harder with each passing day. Returning your home to the way it was before the fire incident as soon as possible should be top on the list of your to-do tasks.

Where do you begin after a fire has been put out? Contact your insurance company – if you’ve insured your property – immediately. Next, get in touch with a reliable fire damage restoration firm. Ensure that your fire restoration company of choice is duly licensed and insured.

One of the advantages of working with a fire damage restoration organisation is that you deal with experts. Since they are professionals, they faithfully observe all the steps necessary to remediate fire damage, including saving as many of the belongings in the house as they can. The operators also document everything removed from your property in the form of pictures and written records. Upon the completion of fire restoration, all your belongings are returned to the house.

Inspection, Testing and Hygienist Services

Our inspection, testing, and hygienist services are based upon the recognition that an effective cleanup or the best risk mitigation strategies are the ones that pay attention to the magnitude of contamination on a building and the associated risks.

Through experience, we have learned that the primary reason for the majority of remedial actions is an incomplete characterisation of the site. We’ve since discovered that it is impossible to come up with a solution without a full understanding of the problem at hand. It is due to this realization that we insist on the importance of conducting an in-depth site inspection as well as characterisation for all our clients in the Central Coast and beyond.

We offer inspection, testing, and hygienist services in small and simple properties as well as big, sophisticated, and multi-property sites. We don’t discriminate projects because we have what it takes to handle them and deliver the most effective and efficient results. Over the years, we have discovered that each site is unique – even if they have a few common traits, a couple of things always stand out.

We have extended our services to sites with a wide array of contaminants, including methamphetamine, fentanyl, mould, and bacteria. We utilise lab-based screening techniques if your property or tangible possessions such as vehicles are safe and clean from contamination.

You can trust us with the process. Besides, we keep you in the loop so that you are adequately informed of every step we make.


The current situation with Covid 19 has left businesses and individuals with lots of questions and in some cases the need for biohazard cleaning and decontamination processes. Whether you have questions, concerns or require decontamination of a home, building, vehicle or other public space call us for a confidential chat.

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