Hoarding & Squalor Clean-up

Efficient removal and disposal of accumulated household items, combined with comprehensive, heavy-duty cleaning and sanitisation.


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Hoarding clean-up

Hoarding often quietly spirals out of control until it hits a breaking point, leaving you wondering how to tackle the situation. We all accumulate household objects over the years, but spaces that are completely overrun with items can be unpleasant to live in, as well as posing a physical health risk. Houses that are full of clutter tend to also be home to dust, mould and damp, and may even be infested with insects or rodents.

With years of experience in the cleaning and remediation industry, you can rely on CIRTS for the expert knowledge required to efficiently declutter hoarder houses, no matter how dire the situation. We do everything possible to restore the home to normal living conditions while respecting the emotional toll decluttering can have on the residents. It’s our job to help them to create a fresh start, allowing them to embrace a healthier and happy lifestyle in a clean, hygienic, and clutter-free home.

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We’ve supported clients in both commercial and domestic settings, allowing them to return to a safe, hygienic environment with minimal stress and disruption. Take a look at some of our past projects to see what CIRTS is capable of.

Squalor clean-up

Properties may succumb to squalor for a variety of reasons. From the owner or tenant experiencing mental or physical health problems to illegal activities such as squatting and drug dealing, there are many scenarios that can cause an accumulation of rubbish and harmful substances. The longer it’s left to continue, the more dangerous the environment can become. Rubbish can attract pests and vermin, and there may be dangerous substances present, such as biohazardous waste or chemical contaminants.

Contacting a professional squalor cleaning company is essential to return the property to a livable condition. Our qualified technicians will ensure that all dangerous substances are safely removed and disposed of, and that the entire environment is fully decontaminated both inside and outside. We understand that the situations and personal circumstances leading to squalor can be highly sensitive, and we handle all jobs of this nature with compassion and respect.

Hoarding & squalor clean-up services you can rely on

CIRTS is fully accredited and certified, providing clients in New South Wales and Queensland with a service they can trust. Our cleaning and restoration technicians are highly skilled and experienced, and we continually invest in the latest equipment and training to ensure that we complete every job to the highest possible standard.


We’ve put together some of the most common questions about our deceased estate clean-up service. Take a look at our FAQs below, or feel free to contact us for more information and advice.

Where large quantities of personal belongings or rubbish have been accumulated in a house, it can be very time consuming to clear out. This is particularly difficult to manage alongside work and family commitments. The property may also be contaminated by insects, rodents, mould or illicit substances, posing a significant health risk to occupants. Qualified cleaning technicians are able to safely empty and disinfect the entire property, as well as safely disposing of any harmful substances.

You can choose whether you’d like us to sort through everything, getting rid of rubbish, and damaged or unwanted items, or for us to move things into storage for you to deal with by yourself at a later date. Our cleaning and remediation technicians will always keep an eye out for important documents, valuable objects and sentimental items to keep them safe for you.

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