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Effective eradication of built-up odours and their source, including complete decontamination for a hygienic environment.


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Odour removal and decontamination

As well as being unpleasant, unwanted odours can also pose health hazards, putting the occupants at risk. In many cases, odours are caused by bacteria and other microbes, so a nasty smell could also have the potential to cause sickness or attract pests and vermin. To ensure a clean, hygienic result, it’s often essential to not only identify and remove the cause of the smell, but to clean and sanitise the entire site to neutralise odours thoroughly.

At CIRTS, our expert cleaning technicians have the knowledge, equipment and hands-on experience necessary to ensure complete odour removal and decontamination, no matter how complex the project. We use industry-leading equipment and materials to fully disinfect the area, including air filtering and sterilisation to eradicate harmful bacteria throughout the wider environment.

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We’ve supported clients in both commercial and domestic settings, allowing them to return to a safe, hygienic environment with minimal stress and disruption. Take a look at some of our past projects to see what CIRTS is capable of.

Odour control services

There are many different reasons why you may be experiencing an unpleasant smell in your home or commercial property, some of which can be extremely hazardous to health. Whether it’s a simple accumulation of smells over time trapped in porous materials such as fabric, or an odour caused by damp and mould, there’s no need to put up with an unpleasant atmosphere.

The expert technicians at CIRTS are experienced in identifying and removing the underlying cause of unwanted odours, as well as providing a solution to prevent the issue from recurring. After assessing the situation, they’ll create a plan of action to ensure complete eradication of the odour, no matter how big or small the problem, to improve the health and comfort of the occupants.

Odour control & removal services you can rely on

CIRTS is fully accredited and certified, providing clients in New South Wales and Queensland with a service they can trust. Our cleaning and restoration technicians are highly skilled and experienced, and we continually invest in the latest equipment and training to ensure that we complete every job to the highest possible standard.


We’ve put together some of the most common questions about our odour control & removal service. Take a look at our FAQs below, or feel free to contact us for more information and advice.

Bad odours in the home can be caused by an incident such as fire, flooding, damp, pest infestation, mould growth or medical trauma. However, bad odours in the home can also build up over time from everyday sources including pets, cooking and unclean soft furnishings such as carpets, curtains and sofas.

Professional odour removal not only removes the smell but also the underlying cause. In many cases, odours are caused by bacteria, which may pose health hazards that could make you or your family sick. At CIRTS, our expert cleaning technicians are equipped with the knowledge, equipment and cleaning materials necessary to ensure complete odour removal and decontamination.

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