Mould Removal and Remediation

Complete mould removal, including drying, disinfection and deodorising of the building fabric and contents. We’re specialists in complex cases and limiting secondary damage.


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Complete mould removal and decontamination

Wherever you find mould, it’s important to act quickly. Mould can pose serious health risks, and has the potential to cause costly damage to your property and belongings. Mould can appear after flooding or water damage, or it can be caused by an underlying issue with the construction of the building.

While there are many at-home mould cleaners available on the market, they often aren’t able to completely eradicate mould and prevent regrowth. It’s also important to bear in mind that scrubbing at mould can cause harmful spores to be released into the air. As well as being bad for your health, this can help the mould to spread even further throughout your property. That’s why it’s always worth contacting a professional mould removal specialist like CIRTS, who can not only remove mould growth but also decontaminate the environment.

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We’ve supported clients in both commercial and domestic settings, allowing them to return to a safe, hygienic environment with minimal stress and disruption. Take a look at some of our past projects to see what CIRTS is capable of.

Mould remediation & prevention

No matter how thorough the mould removal process, if you fail to address the source of moisture or poor air circulation that caused it to grow in the first place, the mould will likely return. When you get in touch with CIRTS, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection of the affected areas, identifying the type of mould, the extent of infestation, and potential underlying causes.

If you’ve been dealing with a recurring mould infestation, we’ll provide you with expert advice on what could be causing it, and how to prevent future occurrences. We’ll help to put preventative measures in place to ensure that, following our expert remediation process, the mould infestation is gone – and stays gone.

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CIRTS is fully accredited and certified, providing clients in New South Wales and Queensland with a service they can trust. Our cleaning and restoration technicians are highly skilled and experienced, and we continually invest in the latest equipment and training to ensure that we complete every job to the highest possible standard.


We’ve put together some of the most common questions about our mould removal & remediation service. Take a look at our FAQs below, or feel free to contact us for more information and advice.

While not all people will experience obvious side-effects or negative health effects from the presence of mould in their home, exposure can cause allergic reactions, respiratory irritation and serious health concerns such as aspergillosis. Breathing in mould spores is particularly harmful for those with a compromised immune system or pre-existing medical condition such as asthma, as well as for the elderly and infants under 3. In serious circumstances, exposure to mould can lead to significant medical events or even hospitalisation.

Identifying the cause of the problem is essential to eradicating mould. Without removing the source of moisture that allows it to grow and spread, the mould will simply return after initial removal. As well as removing existing mould and decontaminating the property, our mould remediation service includes identifying the origin of the excess moisture or the reason for poor air circulation. We can also provide expert advice on how to prevent mould in the future.

Mould is naturally dangerous, and so are the chemicals used in its removal. A professional mould removal company such as CIRTS has all the right tools, products and training to safely and effectively remove mould from even the most severe infestations. We also have the expert knowledge to identify the root cause of the mould growth and take the necessary steps to prevent it from returning.

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