Water Damage And Mould Removal

As a significant health concern, mould infestation shouldn’t be left unaddressed in buildings. Apart from the health concerns, mould can cause severe damage to your home, office, and even your outdoor sheds, hence the need to act with speed.

The best way to handle mould infestation is to hire a reputable mould cleaning company. Once you’ve contacted us, we will send a team right away to conduct a mould inspection. This first step is aimed at identifying all the areas where mould has developed as well as the extent. From there, with your permission, and after agreeing upon, we will proceed with mould removal and remediation

A good number of people have had to deal with water damage Central Coast at some point in their lives. It happens for various reasons, including plumbing leaks, a clogged toilet, burst/broken pipes or hoses, behind-the-walls moisture, foundation cracks, and leaking roof, among many others.

The Things You Need to Know Before Tackling the Mould Growing at your Home

The rain is causing havoc in many areas of your life, including where mould might be growing. From your walls to the wardrobe, its not what you want, and your first reaction might be to get rid of it ASAP. But there’s some things you need to know.

Sam Ruff, Cleaning Inspection Restoration and Testing Services, talks you through the key things to know about mould and how to best remove it from your place.

What is The Best Way to Get Rid of Mould?

Sam regularly deals with mould as part of his restoration and remediation services within CIRTS. 

Check out the audio below

Part of our restoration service includes stopping the source of moisture that permits mould to grow to prevent further spread. In any case, performing mould treatment without first determining the cause of the problem doesn’t make sense. We usually emphasise the importance of identifying the origin of the excess moisture and the reason for poor air circulation – if you haven’t dealt with floods or severe water damage in recent days. All these activities accompany our mould removal services at all times. If you’ve been dealing with a recurring mould infestation, we will provide expert advice on how to prevent future occurrences.

Why should you choose a mould remediation professional instead of doing it yourself?

We have invested in the right tools and products for removing the mould without putting our lives and that of the occupants at risk. Mould is naturally dangerous, and so are the chemicals used in the removal.

Too much water and moisture create a favourable atmosphere for the development of a wide array of disease-spreading bacteria. You already know the risks associated with stagnant water. Therefore, mould remediation is a necessity for anyone who desires a comfortable as well as a disease-free home or office. In such instances, our water damage restoration services come in handy for homeowners and owners of business premises.

Why us?

  • We guarantee rapid mould cleaning. When water damage occurs, it is normal for you to feel defeated and confused. Unfortunately, failure to act immediately can be disastrous. Water can begin seeping into your furniture, walls, and even home appliances. Such occurrences make the situation even worse. During such moments, you can count on us to get the situation under control. We will clean and restore in record speed. Our team is comprised of different professionals who will work on the various affected part of your house using the latest technology.
  • Our water damage restoration goes beyond the mere extraction of water. We know that water can make its way to ducts and vents, and this can add to the problems. Our team will clean the ducts and vents and then deodorise it.
  • We are available 24/7, highly affordable, and friendly!

Are you dealing with mould infestation or water damage and don’t know where to begin? You deserve a clean and safe home or office environment. Engage us today!

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