Inspection, Testing and Hygienist services

As a home or commercial building owner/manager, the responsibility of having a contaminant-free property lies on you. Note that this isn’t something you can take lightly. A good number of people who failed to give this issue deserved attention have suffered, and some are still suffering, costly consequences. By ignoring the need for inspection, testing, and hygienist services, you expose yourself to complications that you wouldn’t have to deal with in the first place – if you did the right thing.

You need to compare the potential risks and the economic, technical, and legal complications linked to residual contamination to the cost, time, and the feasibility of eliminating contamination instantly. The occurrence of the potential consequences depends on the site in question. At times, some implications do not come to pass in some properties.

Perhaps the biggest question lingering on your mind right now revolves around how one can determine all these possibilities. The only and best way to achieve this is through site inspection and testing. From there, depending on what our technicians discover, and the outcome of the discussions that we will have with you, a hygienist strategy will be put in place.


One of the things that informed our decision to offer these services as a restoration company is the belief that all properties, irrespective of size, and complexity must be contamination free. During the time we have been in the industry, we have appreciated the fact that thorough cleanups and risk mitigation strategies only happen when the people responsible consider the extent of contamination on a given building or house, and the corresponding potential risks.

Among many other things, we ensure complete site characterisation to prevent failed remedial actions. We engage all the necessary inspection and testing procedures to determine, with certainty, the problem at hand. Once we have the full information, it becomes easy for us to create a practical solution. Therefore, do not be shocked by our insistence on the need to perform a comprehensive site inspection and testing.

Our competitive advantage also comes from the fact that we don’t discriminate projects based on size. Whether you operate from a small and non-complex property or items such as cars or large and highly complex sites with many properties, we will gladly offer our inspection, testing, and hygienist services. In many instances, we have performed fentanyl inspection on items such as cars and continued to ensure complete elimination of the same where it was present.

On several occasions, we’ve been invited to perform Grow house inspection and the subsequent cleanups to restore the property to occupancy standards. Other forms of investigations that we conduct include Methamphetamine inspection and mould and bacterial affected environments.

Meth contamination is a contemporary problem, and by the look of things, it is here to stay. Meth users are the greatest threat to rental properties. If you are staying or you are about to purchase a house where the former occupant smoked meth regularly, the house is already contaminated, and you are about to put your life at risk. Some of the health risks linked to exposure to meth include headaches, respiratory problems, disruption of sleep patterns, skin and eye irritation, and higher susceptibility to falling sick.

Whether you are looking for methamphetamine inspection, fentanyl inspection, grow house inspection, or mould and bacterial affected environments inspection services – and their corresponding cleanups – we are at your disposal. We guarantee 24/7 availability and fast response.

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